Opening Hours

Mon to Thurs  08:00 - 17:00

Friday 08:00 - 17:30

Saturday 09:00 - 12:00
Sunday 09:00 - 11:15

We have ongoing procedures so that only two customers will be in the shop at any one time, please. We also require customers to remain outside (and keep at the required distance of 6 feet apart) if there is already two other customers in the shop. We hope that customers will be speedy in the shop, especially when others are waiting outside. Before being served customers will be required to use the supplied sanitiser on their hands.

If you would like to order from us for delivery in the village, Forestside or the Woodlands, please ring the shop on 01283 821248, preferably after 10.30, for order details. Or email the shop with what you want on this email address: We will take card payments over the phone.

The email address will also be ‘manned’ for orders, deliveries and queries especially those that relate to the Marchington Buddies support scheme, organised by the Parish Council.

And we have a good range of wine in stock, not a 100% full range but plenty to chose from, see attached. And there is a 5% discount, for 6+ bottles except those on offer.

Please bear with us if we have to change some of these arrangements as we go, but this is what we can and should offer for now.

We thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times and look forward to seeing you all in person soon.

On Behalf of the Managers, Volunteers and Shop Board

Directors Report & Financial Statements
Year Ending 31-08-19

The Directors Report and Unaudited Financial Statements for Year Ending 31st August 2019 can be clicking on the link below:
Marchington Shop 2019 draft accounts.pdf
click to download
With a comprehensive offering of essentials and treats, Marchington Community Shop provides a quality range of groceries, meat, alcohol, bakery and dairy products. Supported by a dedicated group of volunteers, the shop sources from local suppliers, whith the aim of delivering a top class service to local residents. By the community, for the community.

We would really like your view...

If you have a compelling personal reason for the Community Shop to continue in Marchington, we would love to hear from you.  Please click HERE to leave your message.  Alternatively just call us on 01283 821248. Thank you.

Please Support Your Shop

Join Our 50-50 Club

During this difficult time we are really pleased and proud that we have been able to live up to our statement “ for the community by the community” Your support has been amazing and we have been able to maintain our paper deliveries, opening the shop for two hours daily plus taking and delivering orders to those self-isolating or maintaining stricter safety measures due to age or health issues.

For those of you who follow the shops fortunes you will know that we depend on two additional funding streams to remain solvent which are the Open Gardens event in June each year and the 50/50 club. These give us an added £7,000 per year which has been essential for ongoing viability of the shop. It is clear that the open gardens weekend will not take place although we are working on a virtual event, more as a morale booster than a money spinner so watch this space!

For this reason we are asking that you consider joining the 50/50 club. For some of you it may be that you’ve always meant to do it but just didn’t get around to it or one person in the family has a membership but there is no limit to the amount of entries you have. It is just £5 per month with prizes of over £900 split between the winners each quarter.

To join you simply need to collect a pack from the shop or download a form with details on by clicking the icon at the bottom of this article and arrange a standing order which can be done on line or by posting to your bank. Then if you either email or telephone Gill Scarlett you will be entered into the next draw. Contact details are: or 01283 821049. If this is something you think you would like to do then please do it now to ensure we can continue to serve the communities of Marchington, The Woodlands, Forestside and Birch Cross.

50 50 application form (November 2020).pdf
click to download