Marchington Community Shop 50/50 Club

If you would like the chance to win a cash prize in our next draw in September then all you need to do is make a standing order for £5 monthly starting this month. Pick up an application pack from the shop today or or download a form from the link below.  
Any questions: phone Gill on 01283 821049 !

 The next 50/50 quarterly draw will be in September
Three prizes will be drawn. In total there will be over £1,000 to be won!

Download a copy of the 50-50 Application Form by clicking the icon below

50 50 application form (Nov19)_4.pdf
click to download
As a supporter of Marchington shop, you know that it is a valued part of our community and has served the needs of Marchington and Marchington Woodlands for convenient and local access to newspapers, groceries, fresh bread, eggs, cakes, vegetables and fruit, frozen foods, confectionery and soft drinks, wine, beer, greeting cards and tobacco and a dry cleaning service since 2010.

We seek to maintain our prices at no more than 10% above Tesco on average. Through our own fundraising, and by getting grants, sponsorships and donations, we have been able to invest in capital items, such as a new freezer and 3 fridges, vegetable racks, a vital air conditioning unit, the hot drinks machine, and the tarmac area in front of the shop. We work with over 50 volunteers and have all gained a huge amount from their energy and enthusiasm, and many new friendships have been made as a result. We’ve also held several ‘ideas’ meetings and run surveys and, from these, have gradually built the Shop into a really useful asset to our villages.

The Shop Board now continues to ensure that the shop can stay open 57 hours a week, and to do so without increasing its prices. This is absolutely in line with Staffordshire County Council’s strategy to provide local communities with facilities so that people are able to enjoy and get the best out of living in their homes in small villages like ours, and the County Council have been particularly helpful with advice and support.
The Shop Board have started a ‘50/50’* Club for people who wish to support the shop, and to have an opportunity of winning cash prizes throughout the year, whilst also being another source of revenue for the shop’s running costs and ensuring its continuing success in providing a service for the 2 villages.

Therefore the shop has formed a ‘50/50’ Club for people who wish to support the shop, and to have an opportunity of winning cash prizes throughout the year. Contributions are made via a Standing Order of £5, on a monthly basis.(the standing order form can be downloaded at the bottom of this text) A draw, is made once a quarter, when half of the proceeds will be awarded as cash prizes.  
The Standing Order Instruction should be completed and sent to your bank. Please also let one of us know, in person that you are joining the Club, or by email to

Thank you.

Sincerely, your Marchington Community Shop Board

Liz Morgan ( Chair),  Gill Scarlett, Mike Stephens, Zoe Lord, Terry Jones, Marc Bicknell and Mick Marrison

* This scheme is registered as an ESBC Small Society Lottery, number SL0306.