Parish Council Precept

​​Your Community Shop is applying for a Parish Council Precept - Please support us!

​The Shop Board has applied for a "Precept" from Marchington Parish Council (PC). The PC can grant a Precept (effectively a one-off grant) to any village organisation who feels they have a valid need for support from the community.  Traditionally Precepts have been granted to the churches, village halls, parish magazine etc. We believe that the Community Shop deserves to receive this kind of support.  As you will note from our Chairman's report below, the shop finances are on a knife edge.  This is despite the incredible efforts of all involved to help the shop continue as an ongoing entity that is self sustaining. The PC will vote on the Precept applications on Tuesday 10th January at 19:30 in the Marchington Village Hall (John Elwood Lounge). Please consider coming along to show your support.

​A financial update from our Chairman

​This article is an update on what the Board told you in the September magazine. So let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Take a look at the following statistics:
Turnover: 12 months ended 31st August
2013                        138
2014                        129
2015                        127
2016                        116
The 2016 figure is very disappointing and we believe stems from the current intense price war being waged by the big supermarkets. The Times newspaper (5th October) reports that in the month of August alone supermarket prices reduced by 2% and then by another 1.8% in September. Resulting from this trend, which has been going on for sometime with at least five of them located within four miles of us, the shop has sustained a cash loss of nearly £2,300 in 2015/16. This emanates from a smaller customer spend. 

So what are we doing to rectify it? Well:
We have been compelled to reduce the paid working hours of our team from 29 to 23 per week. Including holiday cover we calculate that this will save us about £1,700 in the current financial year. We don’t think there is any scope for a further reduction in this area unless we reduce our opening hours to less than the current weekly 52.75. This we do not want to do.We are pushing the 50:50 Club very hard. The brain child of Liz Morgan, it promises to yield the shop an extra annual income of £3,000, after paying out prize money, when we reach our target of 100 subscribers. At present the number is 77 so there is still some way to go.We are seeking further cost cuts. For example we have negotiated a reduction in our insurance premium that will save us some £250 pa. Our current electricity contract expires next April and there may be scope for a price saving here too. A reduction in wastage is another area, inter alia, that we are concentrating on.We are seeking a precept of £2,000 this year from the parish council to help us out. Our parish council has been kind to us in the past, particularly when the shop was in its infancy, and we hope that it will understand our current predicament.We are pursuing with vigour our modernisation program with the funds we have won from the Princes Trust. Hopefully when complete this will in itself encourage a greater footfall.

We are doing our best and it is very hard work as everyone knows. So please continue to give us your support and more of it, particularly those of you who do not think Community Shop first. Come along to the parish council meeting on Tuesday 8th November and listen to our presentation for a precept. Although it is unlikely that you will be permitted to speak you will at least hear the arguments for and against, and your presence will be a vote of confidence in the shop. Also, please remember our AGM date of 1st December. This is always a fun event with the formal part being kept to a minimum!
As stated in our previous article if our fortunes do not change it will be a sad day for the village.

On behalf of the Board
Reginald W-Husey

​A letter of support for our Community Shop's Precept Application

​I'd like to support the Community Shop's bid for a precept from the Parish Council. 

Since my parents moved here 9 years ago they have gone from being very mobile, and able to travel out of the village by car, to being unable to leave Marchington without assistance. My father is now unable to drive and in view of medical problems, they both need assistance with everyday living in the form of carers and myself. 

With a community shop in the village we are able to support them on a daily basis by using the shop for fresh produce and basics without having to drive the 8 miles round trip into Uttoxeter. The carers know they can pop down to the shop for fresh milk etc and still have time to care for my parents' needs within their allotted time. It's also brilliant for me when I get the regular phone calls telling me they have run out of potatoes, milk etc. If I can't get to the shop, I have the peace of mind that someone will deliver to their door.  

As the average age of our village residents increases and more people become less mobile, the village shop is an ever more important asset for the community. I feel it is a lifeline to many ageing residents and should, therefore,  be given the same financial support it needs to survive in the long term as the church and village hall. 

I am sure that many other villagers feel the same! 

Sue Butler 
Mill Farm